Which Golf Training Aids Improve Your Game?


When you think of golf training aids, a number of them probably come to mind. For putting, you can invest in a putting mat and cup. For your swing you can buy a self-correcting club, or one with a computerized swing analyzer. There are many magazines and videos on the market that tell you how to improve virtually every aspect of your game.

These types of training aids can be valuable in helping you perfect your golf technique and swing mechanics. They can provide you with insight into very specific details about what you are doing wrong, and how you can correct it. The training aid you want to be sure not to overlook, however, is fitness.

Fitness impacts every aspect of your golf game. Without a fitness base, all the technique aids in the world aren't going to help you excel at golf. Proper fitness is the foundation of being a solid player. What types of aids can you find to improve your fitness so you can excel at golf?

For strength training you can use either free weights or cable pulley systems. In lieu of cable systems, purchase a set of strength training bands for added resistance. Variable resistance through cable systems or strength bands are great for beginners, those recovering from injuries, and for any level of athlete. They provide a controlled motion and allow you to focus on specific muscle groups. Free weights can work several muscles at a time and can improve your strength faster than traditional weight lifting machines. To work with free weights safely you should have a good sense of balance.

Swiss balls are also great fitness training aids because they work your core muscle group - the muscles in your trunk, including your back and abdominal muscles. Exercise balls can be used in a variety of ways to improve your strength, joint and body stability and flexibility. Swiss balls can also help you improve your balance.

During a game of golf, you essentially use all muscle groups in your body, so your fitness routine will want to incorporate working your entire body. To be effective, you only need to work out three times a week, although many people like to break out their fitness routines into small portions each day of the week.

Once you've conquered the fitness aspect of training for golf, you're ready for all the technique tips you can find. Improving your technique becomes much easier when your body is ready for the challenge.


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