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We learn a lot from just watching and observing the pros and by doing so it is easy to pick up valuable tips for golf that can help our own golf game.

And make no mistake about it, to pick the really valuable tips for golf from the professionals; you will need to be very observant and keen. Many times you will need to watch and listen keenly, if you are watching them on Television or arrive at the venue very early if you are watching the action live.

One of the things the pros never do is arrive late and find that their tee time has arrived and they hurriedly have to take their positions.

Such a situation means that the golfer starts the game with stiff muscles and also having not gotten a feel of the ball or the green before the start of the game.

Of all the tips for golf you will ever receive, this is the most critical because it helps you perform at your best. Your skills gained from hours of practice and all the other tips for golf in the world, will be of little use if you start a game without any sort of warm up.

Among the other important tips for golf you will get from professionals is that a warm up should involve first warming up your muscles and then stretching them, especially the golf-specific ones that you will strain during your golf swing.

Once the exercise part is done, you can then move on to the ball and hit 20 or 30 balls as you continue loosen up slowly. Start with a short iron and progress up the longer clubs. Try and see if you can get a feel for your swing.

Any amateur who tries out these tips for golf from the professionals will find that their game will improve dramatically and they will avoid sore muscles the next morning after a hard game the previous day.

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