Understanding The Rotary Nature of The Golf Swing


The golf swing is really a rotary movement in nature. Actually part of the real secret behind the perfect golf swing has to do with a golfer understanding the rotary motions in the golf swing and being able to perfect and master them.

This is of course easier said than done. In the past many golfers have had to struggle for decades trying to get their golf swing right with poor results at best. Most hardly ever achieved a good consistent golf swing, let alone getting to understand the key rotary movements in the golf swing motion.

The perfect rotary golf swing really involves limiting the amount of horizontal and vertical body movements so that the entire rotary golf swing movement involves swinging your entire body around your spine.

Obviously the more physically fit, or golf fit a golfer is, the easier it will be to achieve this rotary golf swing.

You can imagine how unnatural the rotary golf swing movement is and indeed how dangerous it can be to a body and muscles that have not been prepared or exercised and conditioned for it.

Little wonder that golf injuries are so common these days. The results are a joy to watch and also a great joy for the player who ends up thoroughly enjoying their game.

This is because shots will fly further and yet the golfer will be in more control over the direction that they are headed. Exercise makes the rotary golf swing much easier to achieve.


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