Wanna Play More Consistent Golf? Learn and Apply 10 Proven Techniques Golf Professionals Use


For the past seven years I have been researching what are the most important things great golfers do when playing their best golf. Being an instructor at the San Diego Golf Academy, I was exposed to many golfers, both amateur and professional. My research encompasses over 300 golfers, professionals and amateurs who have handicaps from 2 to +3.

Some commonalities they all share are:

? Started playing golf in their teens
? Play 15-20 tournaments a year
? Average best round was 65
? Practice every part of their game consistently
? Never satisfied with their game

Here is what they do to keep consistent:

1. They know how far they hit each club in their bag. In addition, they know instinctively how to hit different shots for different distances. In other words, how to hit a club at 25%, 50%, 75% and at full power.

2. They practice at least four times a week with a specific agenda. They practice all types of shots that they may encounter on the golf course.

3. They have mental fortitude. They don't let a bad shot or a bad round ruin their focus and determination. They have consistent positive expectations.

4. They all practice course management. Knowing what club to hit in different situations is key to them. They might even walk the course backwards before their round to determine where the "bail-out" areas are.

5. They all focus on one shot at a time. They don't think about the last shot or the next. They only focus on the shot they are going to hit at that moment.

6. They all have a consistent light grip on the club throughout their swing combined with a balanced tempo.

7. They visualize their shot before making a stroke. They see the ball flight and the trajectory they desire. It is almost like they subconsciously control the ball flight.

8. They don't think "mechanics" when they are playing their best. They leave the "mechanics" of their game on the practice facility. They become "feel" players on the course.

9. They all work on their short game consistently. They concentrate on 120 yards and in to the green.

10. They all put in a lot of time practicing putting. They spend hours putting from different distances and angles.

There are many other factors these great golfers do when they are playing their best. However, from my research, these were the top 10.

So, go out and practice like the pros and watch your game improve like you never thought it would. Keep your head down!

Ryan James (R. J.) Lancaster is the president of the Education & Learning Institute, a research, seminar and publishing company. He helps organizations and individuals think differently to ensure their success. He is also a professional speaker and author of E-books. Three of his E-books are: Fairways to Heaven-Lessons For Life From The Golf Course, The Top 40 Things Considerate Golfers Do, and I Didn't Know That-The Complete Golf Reference Book For The New Golfer.

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