Master Flexibility Training And You'll Conquer The Playing Field In Golf


Is it difficult to rotate your body through the full range of motion in your golf swing? Do you stop short on your back swing? Lack of flexibility can adversely affect not only your golf game, but your health as well. Different muscles are called upon at different points in the golf swing. If you are not flexible you are more prone to injuries. Your body will try to overcompensate by engaging other joints and muscles that are not ready for the stress and strain of the movement.

Many golfers lack flexibility in the rotation of their spine and hips during their golf swing. They may overcompensate with their arms. Trying to hit the ball hard with your arms can leave them feeling sore and worse, injured from overuse of the shoulders. Therefore, flexibility should be one of the main components of your golf fitness training plan.

What flexibility exercises should you add to your fitness program? Before you start a flexibility program it is imperative to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses with regards to your current range of motion. Most athletic trainers, sports conditioning specialists, golf fitness trainers and physical therapists can take you through a battery of flexibility tests. They are trained to properly identify areas of restriction and potential for improvement.

The next step is to creating your own stretching program that is geared towards your personal situation. It may mean that you spend more time stretching your right rotator cuff muscles as opposed to your left or spending more total time on your addressing the flexibility in your spine. Depending on your level of restrictions, different stretching methods can be used to help you progress to the next level.

With a flexibility training program in place you'll conquer the playing field as your mechanics improve and you feel better about your movement. Take the time to learn about your current body restrictions and you'll easily take your game to a whole new level.


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