Left Handed Golf Tips


Where do you find left handed golf tips? You find right handed golf tips in every golf magazine available but it is nearly impossible to flip the instructions around to fit you. In addition, let's not even talk about trying to flip the diagrams and pictures! How do you learn to play golf left handed? Here are a few golf tips for left handers.

1. Make sure you are doing the basics correctly. Lining up with the ball, keeping your clubface square, etc. If you are not sure, you may want to take a lesson with a club pro.

2. A proper right-handed grip will give you more control over the ball.

3. Point your right shoulder toward the target. Bad body alignment is a major cause of bad golf shots.

4. To strengthen your grip, concentrate on the right hand and not the left. If you concentrate too much on the left, then you may cause a fade or a slice.

5. Keep your left foot anchored flat on the ground. If your left foot comes up on the toe, then your hips are not moving correctly and therefore, your clubface may not remain square on the ball.

There are many left handed golf instruction books available also. Many of them are written by left handed golf professionals and will be full of excellent tips for the left handed golfer. There are also several videos of left handed golf tips. These can be found at your local bookstore, online, or even at your golf shop. The main way to learn to play golf left handed is to find an instructor who has experience teaching left handed golfers, invested in a good left handed golf instructions book, or watching other left handed golfers.


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