Golfer Discovers 4 Time-Tested and Proven Methods to Lower Handicap!


Golfers are often on the lookout for a magic tip or trick that will transform them into better golfers, or a magic formula that can take their game to the next level, but while lots can be done to improve your game only one thing will help you become a better golfer: good golf habits and stick-to-it-iveness!

Here are 4 powerful yet simple, time-tested and proven methods that work!

1. You get OUT what you put IN. So get out there and practice!

In know. I know. You say you don't have the time, but if you can't find time to practice your game will always suffer and that's the bottom line. In life, such as with golf, you always get out what you put in. If you can't make it out to the range to practice at least get out your clubs when you're at home and find a place to swing your clubs for 10-15 mins. Muscle memory is fundamental to your game and it will help keep you limber as well. So get swinging!

2. The forward march.

To change your game's comfort zone and help lower your scores try playing from the forward tees during a few holes or a whole game. This will enhance your positive mental game and your level of play when you do return to your accustomed tees.

3. The short game.

Putting and chipping accounts for more than half the shots you will make so devote a big percentage of your practice to these shots and not just driving which is so common amongst golfers.

4. And finally... keep a record!

Case studies demonstrate the correlation between training and tracking your progress. Since chances are you may be making the same mistakes from one game to the next and you are not aware of it, an accurate method to track and manage your progress (if any progress is to be witnessed at all) is essential to your performance. Tracking your rounds and analyzing you post-games will impact your mental game. Give it a try!

Yours for enhanced performance,

Patrick Forbes


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