The Perfect Golf Swing Through Improved Posture And Balance


Every golfer is continually in search of that elusive feel of the perfect swing. Books are written on the topic. Instructional videos promising the "secrets of the perfect swing" sell like hotcakes by mail order and on the internet. Everyone everywhere wants to know what they need to do to swing like the pros.

The truth is there is no "perfect swing" - at least there's no one method for achieving it. If we've learned anything from years of watching professional golfers showcase their skills in tournaments around the world, it is what makes for the "perfect swing" varies from player to player.

That doesn't mean the cause is lost and you'll never find "that" swing. It just means that you have to find "your" swing. Learning a few tips along the way, tips that can and do apply to all golfers, can only help.

Two of the most important components of a good golf swing are balance and posture. If you're off balance or have poor posture, your search of the perfect swing becomes more challenging. In most cases balance is improved by working on building strength and endurance of your core.

Good posture begins with an understanding of the set up position of your body. Begin by standing tall in front of a mirror and performing some baseline assessments. Your feet should be shoulder width apart with knees slightly bent. Shoulders are placed in a "back and down" position. Make sure your stomach muscles are pulled so that your low back remains in a neutral position. Make note of your shoulders and hips. Are they at the same height or is one side higher than the other?

Strengthening the core muscles of the abdomen and lower back goes a long way toward improving balance and posture alike, as well as raising the level of power you can access.

Core strengthening can be accomplished via the practice of core specific exercises. Once you've mastered some of the basics, you can begin learning how to drive every exercise movement you make from your core.


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