Gifts: Giving To The Beginner Golfer


It's golf season again! And you might be looking for a gift to give to someone who's just starting off in golf. So, here are some suggestions. These beginner golf gifts target those new golf souls... the ones who don't yet know what their in for, or the ones who are already hooked after just playing a few times.

Golf Lessons

The single best choice out of all gifts for the golf beginner is golf lessons. There's nothing that the beginning golfer can use more. It's even better than a set of clubs, because it will give him/her a chance to really decide if he/she likes the game and wants to stick with it. After all, golf can be extremely frustrating, but it's also highly addictive. Start them off right with a lesson and give them a good swing foundation. Contact your local golf course or instruction facility to find out what options you have in your area.

Golf Books

If you can't afford to buy golf lessons for the beginning golfer, at the very least, get him/her an instruction book or DVD. There are lot to choose from, many with the beginner in mind. Don't forget that along with frustrating and addictive, golf can also be intimidating, so help them to be better prepared for their experience. And even if you do decide on giving lessons, instruction books or DVDs are excellent complementary beginner golf gifts.

First Set of Golf Clubs

A lot of new golfers start out by borrowing or renting their clubs when they play, so to help them along you may want to start him/her off with their own set of golf clubs. Don't go with anything extravagant or expensive with their first set. Clubs are usually a pretty personal choice, and it's probable that their first set won't be the one they stick with in the long term. This is even more important if you're buying the first set of clubs for a child, as they will most likely outgrow them by the next summer. If you do get a set of clubs, make sure you get a bag to go with it.

Driving Range Membership

Golf Shoes

Depending on where he/she will be playing, the beginner golfer may need to wear golf shoesicon to get onto the course. Check into this first, as many courses have rules in this regard. Consider buying a pair of either soft spiked shoes, or ones that can be converted to soft spikes, as this, too, is a requirement for some golf courses. If they don't need golf shoes right away, avoid choosing them as your beginner golf gift selection. We say this for a couple of reasons: 1) any type of shoe is hard to pick out as a gift, and the fit of a golf shoe is important for comfort, especially if you consider the amount of walking that a golfer does. 2) It's actually better for golfer's balance to practice without golf shoes, as the golfer cannot depend on the stability of the spikes to hold them in place. An alternative to golf shoes as a beginner golf gift is the ever-present gift certificate, so they can pick out their own shoes.

Golf Balls

Like golf clubs, the type and brand of golf balls aren't important for the beginner. While you may want to consider compression when picking them out (the softer the hitter, the lower the compression), the type and construction of the golf ball will have very little bearing when he/she is first starting out. It would probably be a more appreciated gift if you were to personalize the balls with their name, nickname, or other custom logo, but that might make them all the more upset when the balls are lost (and they WILL be lost).

Gloves and Accessories

Don't forget the accessories! Gloves, tees, and ball markers are inexpensive items that will add a nice touch for beginner golf gifts. It's like giving a golf starter kit. Get him/her a glove - it will make them feel more confident or credible when holding their clubs - like a "real" golfer! Remember, the right-handed golfer needs a left-hand glove (and vice-versa). And get them some tees (perhaps personalized) and a few ball markers. You don't want them to feel left out, do you?

Save the expensive and fancy golf gifts for another gift occasion. If the recipient of your gifts decides to give up golf, then the expensive or extravagant gifts would be a waste. If he/she sticks with the game, then the more elaborate golf gifts will be more appreciated down the road. For now, focus on simple beginner golf gifts to get them started.


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