Is Golf Conditioning Exercise Too Strenuous


Is golf conditioning exercise so strenuous that most people will have difficulties going through them? Most amateur golfers and people who have not been through any golf exercise program in their lives definitely believe so.

Especially when you start to mention such terrifying exercise equipment as dumb bells and the likes. They quickly get a picture o a crowded gym filled with much younger fitter people making fun of them.

Yet the truth of the matter is that golf conditioning exercises are fairly easy to do and are far from being strenuous and too physically demanding.

In fact golf conditioning exercises are as strenuous and physically demanding as the golf game is. Nothing more and definitely nothing less.

The fact that senior citizens are able to go through them with ease proves that the fears some amateur golfers have are really unfounded and not based on facts.

Not to mention that very young golfers, some of them yet to reach their teenage years have also joined golf conditioning exercise programs and seen dramatic and positive results in their games.

It is interesting that more and more parents are now realizing that this is an investment that can easily pay off with their kids getting partial and even full scholarships to college.

In fact the rally strenuous and physically demanding side of golf these days is reserved for golfers who ignore golf conditioning exercises. More so every day as an increasing number of amateur golfers enrol in golf conditioning exercise programs in an effort to improve their games.

It is also important to note that some exercises in many good golf conditioning exercise programs can be carried out in the comfort of the home.

These are mainly stretch exercises which have a very important role to play in golf conditioning exercises as they improve flexibility and usually have a huge impact on improving the golf swing.

Obviously there is nothing to fear in golf conditioning exercises.


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