Watch the Pros Play Golf


You can check out a pro golf swing on video instruction tapes and on TV during golf shows and games. Checking out the golf swing of a pro can help even the amateur fine tune their own swing.

Taking lessons from a pro is a great way to have them analyze your swing and help you to make changes to make your golf game better and more consistent. Call your local golf course to ask if they have a pro on staff for you to take lessons from. Purchasing a golf instruction tape can also give you a tool to analyze a pro's golf swing. Pro's usually have personal coaching so their swings may be more smooth and precise than yours. Some golf instruction tape's have slow-motion segments where you can really see what the actions of the player are. An advantage to a video is that you can rewind and watch again until you learn the swing consistently.

Golf tips by Tiger Woods can be found online, in magazines, or on shows that have him as a guest. Other professionals have written books or articles in magazines describing their golf game and experiences. Check your local bookstore to see what golf instruction books that they may have available.


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