The Golf Channel Highlights Fitness


If you're a Golf Channel addict or merely an avid golfer, and also want to maintain top fitness for your golf game, you'll be pleased to know that they have made fitness education a priority. Through a variety of resources and educational tools they have incorporated the advice of experts on how improved fitness can make you a better player.

You can catch golf fitness academy shows on periodically throughout the week, with repeat episodes in case you miss an original showing. These shows are led by golf experts and medical professionals. They focus on such topics as upper and lower body strength training, flexibility, exercises to improve swing faults, swing biomechanics, and posture. Previews of each show, as well as video tips, are available on the Golf Channel website.

The Golf Channel recognizes that their audience is most interested in replicating the results of the top touring professionals. It is past time that fitness education takes a front and center role in addressing the physical needs and performance of golfers around the world. After all, it has produced proven results for a long list of golfers including Tiger Woods, Michelle Wie, Annika Sorenstam, Mike Weir, and Vijay Singh, among many others.

Use the Golf Channel as a resource in helping to put together all the important components of your game including swing instruction, practice aids, golf specific exercises and stretches and mental strategies.

Incorporating fitness into your golf game can go a long way in making you a better player. For more information on the Golf Channel's fitness highlights, visit their site or check your local listings for their broadcast channel.


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