Taking The Confusion Out Of Golf Ball Compression


Compression, in terms of a golf ball, is probably the most understood aspect of golf ball technology. At one time compression was used to describe the quality of a golf ball according to the tightness of the windings around a three piece ball core. The tighter the windings the better the ball's performance.

Because of the advancement in materials used to produce golf balls the compression ratings of golf balls now only indicate how much a ball will "deform" under a compressive force.

For example if you watch some professional golf tournaments, from time to time they will will show how certain players are driving the ball. In super slow motion they show the driver as it meets the ball. If you see this you will see the ball actually flatten out quit a bit on impact. Simply, the ball is deformed out of it's round shape, compressed, and then returned to it's round shape, all in a split second.

So what does this mean to you?

Most people will buy balls with a compression rating of between 80 and 110. The lower the compression rating, 80 for example, the more the ball will compress. A 110 compression rated ball will compress or deform less than an 80 compression rated ball.

Although most ratings are not standard from maufacturer to maufacturer, most people with a slower swing or slower club head speed would be better of with a lower compression rating, and a player with a higher club head speed would use a higher compression rated ball.

The compression of a ball will not make it fly farther. Some players think that a higher compression rated ball will fly farther. Club head speed rather than compression will determine the distance. In some cases some players should be playing a ball with a lower compression to increase distance.

Using a golf ball that has a compression rating for you will in fact help your golf game. For example most women have slower club head speeds than most men. In this case those players should be using a lower compression golf ball. If you have a slower swing speed and you are using a high compression golf ball, you are loosing yardage. Vise versa for those with high club head speeds, they should be using a high compression ball for maximum yardage.

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