Are You Wearing the Right Golf Shoes When You Golf?


For those of you that golf you know that golf shoes are an integral part of the game. Not only do you need the support and comfort for the 7,000 plus yards you have to walk, but you need the right foot traction and grip throughout your swing process for that good contact with the ball. The right golf shoe can make a huge difference in your game.

There are plenty of golf style shoes available in stores and online, from the likes of Nike, Reebok, Etonic, Footjoy and many more. The huge selection of shoes available provides us - the consumer, with different options for comfort, support and a fashionable look. It all comes down to personal preference when deciding on how you want to look on the golf course in your shoes.

Every golfer has the same needs out on the golf course, which is a comfortable shoe. Remember that if you are walking the golf course you will be looking at 4 to 5 hours of being on your feet, as well as you will be walking 7,000 plus yards. So if you are not comfortable in your shoes you can count on not playing well.

Most golf footwear today is made of high quality soft leather for durability and comfort. Designers have been paying close attention to insoles and how the feet sit in the shoes. Experts have come to realize that overall balance during the golf swing is essential to make good golf ball contact. That is why there is extra support on the heels in the construction of a good shoe - for greater stability. More and more shoe companies are putting in an orthotic style shoe insole to meet the playing demands of today's golf enthusiast.

Another important aspect of the shoe is the grip, whether it is a cleated style that is plastic or metal, or whether it is replaceable or not. Golfers know that foot grip during the walk through the course and even more importantly foot grip that is solid during the swing is extremely important. There is nothing worse than feeling your feet slip on a swing. The most commonly used golf footwear is the versatile, quick and easily replaceable spikes. What that gives the golfer is interchangeable golf spikes on their shoes for any condition, as well as not having to replace or break-in a new pair of golf shoes every time you wear the spike out.

If you are a die hard golfer, weather is not an issue. You just love to play golf even if it is early in the morning and pouring rain, it just doesn't matter! Golfers shoes today are made with your feet's protection and comfort in mind. These special shoes protect against the elements, and most shoes have a waterproof lining such as Gortex to ensure dry feet during an early morning round.

These are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for golf style shoes. Look for overall comfort and support and increased stability for that long day on your feet. Make sure your shoes keep your feet dry on the golf course especially for those early morning tee-offs. For versatility buy a pair with replaceable spikes, it will prove to be very practical.

Choose your golf shoes wisely for an enjoyable and good round.


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