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Services offered by Golf Schools need to be analyzed beforejoining it. A number of schools have mushroomed all aroundand every school claims that their school is the best. Inview of such claims, it becomes difficult for theindividuals to take a decision.

The objective of joining a Golf school is to learn the golfand become a good player if not a great player.

Swing is most important for every golfer. A more powerful, consistent golf swing is attainable for every golfer. Thelearner must know how to get more distance with all clubsand increase accuracy at the same time.

Swing Technology helps in learning the golf swing and otheraspects of the sport.

Services Offered

The learner should always focus on the services offered byGolf Schools and not on their tall claims like "We have wonMaximum number of Teacher of the Year award" or we havenationwide training schools etc. One should see and ifpossible take the opinion of somebody, who has alreadytaken training from that school. Some salient features thatmust be part of the services offered by golf school, whiledeciding the training school.

1. The class size should range between 4 to 16 students andthe teacher ratio should not be more than 4-1. However, 2-1would be ideal, if possible.

2. The coach must be an ace golfer and should haveexcellent communication skills to make the learnerunderstand the game and feel comfortable and secure.

3. The skills and the requirements must be clearlyunderstood by the coach and he should be able to tailor itaccording to the needs of the individual. The groups ofstudents must be made according to the abilities.

4. Apart from a good coach the institute must also haveother facilities like:

i. Latest Video Analysis Equipments,

ii. Launch Monitor Technology,

iii. Swing Learning Aids,

iv. Should be able to scientifically measure a golfer'scurrent swing and pinpoint his or her weaknesses,

v. Help develop a plan for measurable improvement.

vi. The staff should know the game and should be able toteach; so all golfers get all benefits where it reallyneeds - on the golf course.

5. Last but not the least, the price. The cost of learningmust be justifiable.

Thus, one should analyze the Services offered by GolfSchools taking the points mentioned above intoconsideration, before deciding on the Golf School.

Bud Bradley is a freelance writer, working long hours at acomputer. His main relaxation is golf, and over many yearshe's visited many golf schools in an attempt to improve hisgame. This series of articles relates his experience.


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