What No Golf Bag Should Be Without


Whether you are a golf pro or a rookie trying your best to learn the tricks of the trade, golf can be a very difficult sport to learn. Without the right equipment, becoming an expert golfer may be nearly impossible. So before you hit the fairway, here are a few pieces of equipment you may want to ensure you have in your golf bag:

Drivers - Drivers are wood golf clubs (although they are called "wood" many now have metal heads) which are used to shoot the ball long distances. This club is usually used for the tee-shot since it is the furthest shot from the hole.

Wedges - Wedges are metal clubs used to lift the ball as opposed to shooting it far distances. These would be used for high shots onto the green, perhaps to get out of a bunker.

Putters - A putter is a golf club which is used for short distances and accuracy. Once you are on the green and fairly close to the hole, the putter is the best club in order to make the shot.

Tees - Every golfer needs tees in their bag. A tee is a small wedge which is inserted into the ground for the ball to sit on. The tee elevates the golf ball and makes it easier to hit. Tees are intended to be used on the first shot of a hole.

Golf Balls - A golf ball is a small, hard ball which is dimpled in order to reduce wind resistance. It is impossible to play a game of golf without a golf ball and to assume you will only need one for a whole game is slightly conceited. Even the best golf player in the world will lose their ball on the course at some point, so it's important to make sure you have back-ups. Most golfers like to keep anywhere from 3 to 9 extra balls in their bag, just in case.

Golf Accessories - When it comes to your golf bag, golf accessories can mean anything from grips to sunglasses and water. A game of golf can take a while and on a hot day a bottle of water is essential in order to maintain hydration. Sunglasses are a key component for shots which require looking in the sun's direction; without sunglasses these shots would be nearly impossible.

Your golf bag components are key factors which can potentially make or break your game. Without the right equipment, even the best golf player in the world would not be up to par. If you want to be the ultimate golf champion and you feel you have the drive to do it, grab your clubs and tee-off with these pieces of golf equipment which will bring you one step closer to becoming the king (or queen) of the fairway.


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