Are Golf Conditioning Routines Really Necessary


Many golfers around the world still do not understand why experts these days insist on golf conditioning routines when the game has been played for decades without the need for any sort of exercising.

Why now? Why this great emphasis on golf conditioning routines to the extent where virtually all professionals have a serious golf conditioning routine that they stick to religiously?

Strangely enough the same question is not asked about the general exercise craze that has swept society in the recent past. Nobody wants to ask why our grandmothers got by just fine without any aerobics.

The facts are that life has changed a great deal. And these days enough exercise is part and parcel of modern healthy living. Any doctor will tell you that you fail to get enough exercise for your body at great risk to your health and life. It doesn't matter what your grandfather did.

With golf it gets even more important because golfers require stamina to make their way around the golf course and still enjoy the sport. Golf conditioning routines are an important aspect towards achieving that goal.

Then there is the golf swing, which will happen only with muscles conditioned and strengthened to give the golfer the long drives they so desire. Golf conditioning routines go a long way in helping a golfer prepare golf specific muscles in their body for the game.

It helps greatly when your golf conditioning routine is from a golf exercise expert and not just any other person. Actually the wrong exercise routine can sometimes worsen your game rather than improve it.

It is a fact that golfers need to take care of their most important golf playing equipment, which is their bodies. They need to prepare it for the strains and stresses of this beautiful game and a very critical part of that is a good golf conditioning routine.


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