Learning To Play Golf With Fitness


Learning to play golf has now become the pursuit of both men and women of different ages. Right from the very young golfers to senior citizens as old as 80 years old or even older.

One similarity is now very clearly evident in all those learning to play golf or learning to play better golf, irrespective of their age. And that is the fact that those learning to play golf while staying fit and conditioning muscles with golf specific exercise routines have produced spectacular results.

Junior golfers of the likes of Ty Tryon, Michelle Wie and the Song sisters have clearly shown the world what junior golfers capable of when they take the right approach in learning to play golf.

In fact more and more parents are realizing the importance of their kids taking the right approach to learning to play golf. They have found that their correct golf investment in their children has paid big with more youngsters receiving partial or full scholarships for college these days because of their golf.

It is increasingly becoming clear just how important it is learning to play golf while at the same time paying close attention to physical fitness.

I have worked with hundreds of junior golfers and the results are always the same. Within a very short time of introducing strength training there is always a remarkable improvement in their drives. Typically drives can improve by as much as 50 yards within a very short period of time.

What all this means is that in this day and age, learning to play golf without physical fitness training and conditioning is the wrong approach that even opens the doors to other dangers like injury. Golfers elbow is easier to get when a golfer is not physically fit and does not warm up properly before holding a golf club.

A golfer who approaches the game with physical fitness in mind has a huge advantage over their counterpart who does not. Those who shun exercises will usually be slower in developing the right technique in the golf swing and other crucial aspects of the game.

So the truth is that you cannot divorce physical fitness from learning to play golf.


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